The Pivot Adventure Conference 2020

A virtual conference for those who have lost their job, are stuck,

or are desperate for change

Saturday, September 26 – Sunday, September 27, 2020


Empowering Effective Change, Enhancing Self-Awareness, Equipping with Tools, and Evoking Action

Make The Changes You Need to Make

What You'll Get Out of the Conference

  • A Way Forward

    The scariest part of needing change is not  knowing what to do next. This conference will show you where your lamp is so you can look a bit further down your path.

  • Renewed Confidence

    Those who take action don't have less fear. Instead they have learned to be more brave in the face of fear. Moving forward requires the confidence of having a way forward.

  • A New Way of Thinking

    We cannot change the circumstances we find ourselves in. And still, we can change the results we get in life by changing the way we think about our circumstances. This conference will show you how to do this.

  • A Path to Provide

    A major source of job stress is the desire to provide for loved ones and cover the expenses of your basic needs. You are in control of your future. Let us help you find the way forward.

Conference Sessions

Navigating Your Interior Flight Pattern

These days it's hard to know which way to turn. The compass seems to be spinning, never pointing us in a clear direction. We need to remember that part of navigating our outer world successfully includes navigating our inner world. The Enneagram is a great map to follow for this inner work. Join Joel as he introduces the intelligence centers and nine types found in the Enneagram and teaches how to use it as a map for personal observation and growth.

Crisis to Confidence

Have you ever found yourself standing in a parking garage, weighed down with bags, and you have that moment of panic where you don't remember where your car is parked? We're all living in that moment right now. Where's the car parked, and how am I going to find it? Sarah's session will give you the action steps to get you from that moment of paralysis to finding your car and getting moving.

Upgrade Your Money Belief System

Since money is an extremely taboo topic, most people don't talk about it. And probably avoid even thinking about it. It's time to get the information and tools to change your image of money from crazy uncle hiding in the attic, to a somewhat shy friend that just says it like it is. There is a lot that money is waiting to tell you. Shell's presentation will give you the information and tools to upgrade your money belief.


There are so many uncertainties that we are all dealing with these days. Like it or not, it feels like we are all in the middle of our own personal Hero's Journey. These journeys have certain steps in common. You set out on the quest with a goal in mind. You encounter difficulties and find allies to support you. You gain strength and knowledge along the way. Garrett's two presentations will give empower and inspire you to go forward on your journey.

Additional Conference Opportunities

  • Enneagram Workshop

    Want to really understand yourself? This workshop includes a comprehensive Enneagram Assessment and workshop. This workshop will help you know your motivations and begin to move forward in confidence. Unlimited seats. Additional fee required.

  • Mastermind

    The best accelerator for moving forward is to combine the  knowledge, network, and resources of like-minded people. A Mastermind does just that—"You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another." This opportunity has limited seats in order to be as effective as possible. Additional fee required.

  • Networking Session

    A wise person once said, "It's not who you know, it's who knows you that matters." A key component of conferences is the opportunity to network—to share contact information—with the attendees. This networking session will be done as a virtual speed dating event. Unlimited seats, but you must register in advance. No fee required.

5 Live Expert Sessions

& 3 Extended Opportunities

Need to pivot? Make a plan to move forward!

DAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

All times in Eastern

  • 12:30–1pm

    Time to Begin The Pivot Adventure

  • 1–2pm

    Dr. Garrett Hope

    Moving FORWARD Part 1

  • 2:30–3:30pm 

    Sarah Jacobson

    Crisis to Confidence

  • 4–5pm

    Joel Jacobson

    Navigating Your Interior Flight Pattern

  • 5–5:15pm

    Day One Wrap-Up

DAY 2 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

All times in Eastern

  • 4:30–5pm

    Continuing The Pivot Adventure

  • 5–6:30pm

    Shell Tain

    Upgrade Your Money Belief System

  • 7–8pm

    Dr. Garrett Hope

    Moving FORWARD Part 2

  • 8–8:30pm

    Conference Wrap-Up

Additional Opportunities

All times in Eastern

  • Enneagram Workshop

    Additional fee required

    Saturday, September 26


  • Mastermind

    Additional fee required

    Sunday, September 27


  • Networking Session


    Sunday, August 27


No Need to Travel to the Conference

Make your pivot in the comfort of your home and without the expense of travel


    The global pandemic has brought about many changes. One of the most challenging changes is need for distancing and the inability to meet in large groups. Conferences and other gatherings have all moved into the virtual world as a result. This conference is no different. One of the blessings of meeting online is that it makes it possible to participate no matter where you are.

  • Address

    Over Zoom!

    Link will be sent via email a few days before the event

  • Email

The Pivot Adventure Guides

Don't miss this dynamic opportunity to learn from these four experts as they empower, enhance, equip, and encourage your pivot.

These four experts came together to present their sessions in order to help people, specifically those who are unemployed, and those who are worried that they may need to not just change jobs, but maybe even careers. They want to lend their expertise and encouragement to help in these troubled times.

Dr. Garrett Hope


As a public speaker and coach I help creatives, entrepreneurs, and those who want to be, break through their limiting beliefs and build systems to get to where they want to be.


I've taught at colleges and universities in several states and have had to make my own pivot from depending on a teaching paycheck to building a portfolio of income-generating activities, most of those being self-employed. Since 2015 I've been helping others make their own pivots, build their businesses, and become successful. I love helping others change their thinking from "cannot" to "can."


As a professional composer I write music for educational ensembles and independent media. I love drawing people together for life-changing experiences. I view my public speaking and coaching as achieving the same goal.

Sarah Jacobson


Over the past 19 years I have equipped people with tools and strategies to make a plan and put it into action. Drawing on my own personal and professional pivots, as well as my work with others, I offer specific steps that anyone facing a pivot in their own life should follow.


I've helped develop plans for individuals, teams, and entire schools for both the day-to-day and in-crisis situations. My driving motivation is "What's best for the people involved?" and "How can I help them achieve that?"


I look forward to working with you to empower you in your own journey.

Joel Jacobson


I've been teaching, training, and speaking for over twenty years in retirement centers, restaurants, churches, and schools. Over this time, I have learned the power of listening—both to those around me and to my own interior movements—and my need to be better at it.


I discovered the Enneagram as the perfect tool for that learning and the transformation that happens when we start paying attention.


My desire, not as a guru, but as a companion, is to walk alongside you when you're ready to embark on your own journey of discovery.

Shell Tain


I have been helping people with their Money Knots for many years. First as an accountant/CFO, and for the last 20 years as a money coach. Early on I came to realize that difficulties and complexities around people's money beliefs were holding them back from having fuller lives.


My focus became helping people create a better "relationship" with money. We often carry odd money messages we heard from our families into adulthood. Here are just a few I've heard from clients over the years:


"You'll work hard and never have enough."

"Money ruins families."

"Rich people aren't as nice as poor people."


I'm sure you've heard some of your own. And many of those old messages aren't useful. My goal is to help you create a new relationship with money, one that helps you understand and use money in ways that support your dreams.


Take a look and see what others are saying about our work:

Shell, I just wanted to let you know how much I value the work we did together a few years ago. It has helped me so many times to feel clarity and confidence around "money"—to be able to use and appreciate money as a tool, and not as a perverse manipulator of my self-esteem. Especially during this pandemic.


Joel is an excellent listener and communicator of the Enneagram and it's use for self-discovery. He doesn't tell you what you SHOULD do, but encourages you to reflect on what you COULD do to become your best self. His coaching is insightful and not judgemental. It's helpful when thinking about relationships with spouses, friends, and colleagues."


Sarah's organization, drive, and focus has helped me see new perspectives and has taught me the value of dedication to my beliefs and how to see past, or in some cases, to see around, the obstacles that may be right in front of me.


Dr. Hope's presentation was extremely engaging and exciting! We came out of it very enthusiastic and ready to develop plans based on the ideas introduced to them. It was also informative, a "nuts and bolts" type of presentation. I appreciate his approachability and flexibility of the teaching.


Joel recognizes & celebrates your strengths and weaknesses, puts language to your personality and preferences, and when you are ready, gives you specifics on how to grow. He is eager (but not pushy) to share tools that will allow others to grow. The Enneagram is just fascinating as a tool for self-analysis.


My world has changed since Shell and I started working together. Money is no longer the elephant in the room. It's simply a dashboard to telling me how my financial life is running. It's a reflection of the value that I bring to the world. Thank you so much for untangling me!


The events of 2020 can certainly make us feel "stuck" or even lost in numerous ways! Sarah has a gift for not only understanding the benefit of planning and being organized, but also for helping others create and implement clear and practical ways to find fulfilling solutions in many situations.


I learned that my needs were not unique, but that I am unique need to tap into that uniqueness. Garrett immediately tapped into who I am. I appreciated the most the concise guidance and the mindset training (which was probably the BIGGEST one). Thank you for being a sounding board and helping me dig deeper and do better. It's infectious!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked about the event:

  • How do I know if this is for me?

    Perhaps you have lost your job, or are worried about that possibility? Maybe you need to rethink how you make a living. Do you need a way forward? Do you desire change in your life? Are you stuck?


    If your answer to any of those questions is yes, this conference is for you.

  • Why should I pivot?

    A pivot is right for you if you've reached your limit. You should pivot if:

    • You are in a dead-end job with no upward mobility
    • Your knowledge, experience, and expertise could be used better
    • You recently lost your job
    • You are feeling stuck
    • You simply need to make some changes to your life.
  • What does it mean to pivot?

    To pivot is to take your skills, experience, knowledge, and personality and aim them in another direction. This may mean a change in industry, a shift to a new job description, starting a new business, creating a new mindset, or any number of other ideas. Pivoting is about finding ways to meet your career goals, financial hopes, and personal needs in the face of obstacles and situations you cannot change.

  • I feel stuck and hopeless. Will this help?

    Yes! If you are feeling stuck, hopeless, lost, or if you cannot see any way forward out of your situation this conference is for you. You are exactly the person this conference was built to help. Let us help you find a way forward.

  • What if I want to only attend one session?

    The conference was designed to speak into all the facets of a person's life as they pivot. To get the greatest value out of making your pivot, it is important that you attend all the sessions.

  • In a conference about pivoting, why talk about money?

    We will talk about money because money is the one thing that will tell you how you are doing without judgement or opinion.  You are, no doubt, worried about money. You may be struggling financially. You may be concerned about the future.


    What if money could actually help you make better and more informed choices?


    That's why we want to talk about money—to give you a new perspective on how money can inform you.

  • What if my partner/friend/roommate wants to sit in on the sessions?

    That's wonderful, and we hope to help them, too! However, we do insist that each person attending the conference have a ticket. Obviously we won't know if you sneak others in. We have the expectation that you are a person of integrity and that you will honor the work that has gone into creating this conference for you. If you were to work with all four speakers individually it would be substantially more expensive to get what we're offering in this one weekend. What a deal!

  • Do you offer special early bird pricing?

    Yes! If you purchase your tickets before August 22, 2020 the Early Bird pricing is nearly 25% off the regular ticket price.

  • What is the Enneagram?

    There are nine different Enneagram styles representing a worldview and archetype that resonates with your core motivations. With knowledge of the Enneagram, you can begin the work of waking up to and observing your patterns, aim for change, and begin living as the person you're supposed to be. The Enneagram is a useful guide on your journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution, and the improvement of team dynamics. Learning the Enneagram offers powerful, practical, and rich insight. The first step to empowered effective change in your life is to understand how/why you think, feel, and do what you do. The Enneagram will help you on this path.

  • What is a Mastermind?

    A mastermind is a group of people who get together for a specific purpose to help each other achieve their goals. Masterminds provide accountability, encouragement, constructive criticism and feedback, and offer support. A mastermind is not a time for small talk, it's about business. Nevertheless, it can be fun and rewarding! Most masterminds are recurring events. The Pivot Adventure Conference Mastermind is a place to share your pivot journey and get input from the other members. Masterminds accelerate action. If you want to juice your pivot, a Mastermind will help.

  • How will the networking event work?

    The Pivot Adventure Networking Hour will be like a virtual speed dating event. People will be sent to breakout rooms to share contact information and hopefully start building relationships that could aid in your pivot.

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Additional Conference Opportunity Pricing

The Pivot Adventure Conference has three additional opportunities to help you as you make your pivot. Though these are optional, we feel they will greatly increase the power of your pivot and kickstart your journey as you move forward. After purchasing your ticket you will be automatically taken to a page where you can begin enrolling in these opportunities.

Enneagram Workshop


Mastermind Session


Networking Session


A portion of the proceeds will be given to the charity Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. The Feeding America network provides over 4.3 billion meals annually, helping 1 in 7 Americans facing hunger live more secure and stable lives.

Our Guarantee

We are confident you will love this event and will get enormous value from it! However, if, after purchasing your ticket you change your mind, you can have a full refund minus a $5 transaction fee anytime up to one week before the event. Simply reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist you. Add-ons are not refundable.

A virtual conference


    The Pivot Adventure is the most life-changing conference of its kind designed to help people who are unemployed, stuck, or needing to change.


    Attendees will enhance their self-awareness, be empowered to make effective change, be equiped with tools for moving forward, and will begin evoking action.

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